More Than a Bethel Tour…
A Faith-Strengthening Trip into Bible History!

Dear friend,

We’re glad you found this page, for we’d like to invite you to a thrilling experience others have called “better than an amusement park” (Watchtower 2007 4/15 p. 32)

Recent reminders from the faithful slave have reminded us of the benefits of taking a trip – either as a single one or a family – to the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses to see first hand how the preaching work is being organized.

However, the accumulative hours required to tour the three Bethels in NY is only about half a day, excluding travel time. And most tours end there.

However, we include little-known enhancements to these Bethel tours that continue this spiritually upbuilding experience for all ages.

It’s a one-of-a-kind, copyrighted and thrilling look back into time with two additional tours offered through Bethel Tours Plus and Oasis Group Tours…

Introducing THREE faith strengthening tours in one:

  1. Wallkill & Patterson Bethel Tours
  2. Providence and Prophecy (8 hour bus and walking tour in Brooklyn & Manhattan)
  3. “Woman and the Seed” or “Integrity” tour at the Met Museum

…All for ONE low price

New York

Imagine …

  • Visiting firsthand the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses; discover how the largest preaching work in the history of mankind is being organized, directed, and supported.
  • Is it possible that Jehovah influenced the weather in connection with the early settlers of the United States to ensure the presses started on time for the greatest Bible educational work in human history? You’ll find out!
  • Was George Washington familiar with Jehovah’s name? See it for yourself!
  • Why should you be interested in knowing about the most important battle of the American Revolution fought in Brooklyn Heights?
  • Where is the largest artwork in the world based on the theme of the Bible? Bring your camera for this one!
  • Why can it be said that God has “caused things to become” in fulfillment of prophecies that relate to the development of the 7th World Power of Bible prophecy? Let’s look for that here in the first capital of that emerging world power.
  • Learn the step-by-step details of how the enemy of the ‘Woman and the Seed’ has a history of corruption and destruction throughout the ages, as identified during this tour.
  • And MANY more faith-strengthening facts you will never forget!

A Word about Bethel Tours Plus…

Bethel Tours Plus is an award-winning, Montreal-based travel group owned and operated by Brother and Sister Robert and Huguette Desmarais and operates internationally. As opposed to doing this as a hobby, we are fully licensed, IATA Certified and bonded travel brokers who do event planning, tours, business travel, conferences and cruises for corporate, incentive and leisure travel.

This assures you a professional, organized, courteous and thoughtful approach for your BethelToursPLUS experience. We research suppliers thoroughly, personally visiting bus companies, hotels and conference centers to ensure our partners and your accommodations meet standards of excellence, comfort and affordability.

In addition, through our wholesale partners, we assure our clients of well-negotiated rates that give you the best possible prices.
Because we regularly book airfare, hotels and buses for our other corporate clients, we have preferred vendors that will extend discounted rates to our brothers and sisters who travel through our various programs.

Our parent company, Inc. has been featured in the newspapers like The Montreal Gazette and The Ottawa Citizen and has won awards from several resorts and airlines as preferred partners.

Travel in Unparalleled Comfort Aboard Your Deluxe Motor Coach
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Tour Buses We’ve All Seen Before!)

Watch the video now to see the details…

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  • No more ‘freezing bus chills’! Superior climate control ensures a constant, comfortable temperature
  • LCD flat panel screens to project crystal clear movies, updates and bus navigation
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  • Expert and knowledgeable drivers that know how to get to our destinations, and not just ‘follow the GPS’
  • Unparalleled cushioned and deluxe reclining seats to relax during the drive
  • On board bathroom with sliding door (no swinging door to disturb you and bang your legs!)
  • Generous headroom and storage areas above your seat so everything is at hand
  • And much, much more!

Enjoy Sightseeing And Shopping
At New York’s Most Popular Attractions:

New York

What Others Are Saying About
These Unique BethelToursPLUS Experiences…

“This tour had an effect on my teenage girls that I will never forget. My initial fear in the scheduling and timing of any bus tour, is you’re going to feel pressured, you’re going to be tired, and overwhelmed. We were always on time, we always had enough time between places, and we really felt like we fully benefited from each place.” Roberta

« J’ai déjà fait un tour aux Béthel il y a plusieurs année mais celui ci était vraiment différent… c’est infiniment plus. » – père de famille avec sa femme et les enfants de 10 et 13 ans

“I think I have gone on a few tours in the 90s, they were enjoyable. But this one was really well-organized and extremely enjoyable. From my expectations, I thought it would be good, but it’s surpassed it, it was absulutely excellent. I really enjoyed it. And the accommodation too was above average. Excellent! I particularly like the way the tour is interactive, and it was very humorous.” – Marie

“It’s a definite must. This is something very different from just a regular tour for Bethel.” – Christine

“Everyone at Bethel was saying “Hi” and were so happy because they are serving Jehovah and it makes you want to serve him more too. – Jenna

“No worries for the driving. The bus driver knows where to go… It was well organized with smaller groups for the guided museum and Bethel tours. A very eye-opening trip.”

“I found it most interesting how some of the most powerful people in US history were influenced by the Bible and knew Jehovah’s name.” – Emma Rose

“I have been on a number of Bethel trips and it was more than visiting Wallkill and Patterson and Brooklyn. This will be a foundation for me for my own person study. It added so much more to what is done at Bethel.”

Submitted 8/21/12 – “How could I thank you enough for the deep joy and faith strengthening experience you have allowed us to share as a group of brothers and sisters. Your work is a labor of love more than anything else. Through your hard work and great discipline you have given us the gift of a perfect trip, free of troubles and glitches. This is a great accomplishment and I am sure it is very rare indeed in that line of work. It is the fruit of a long experience and it shows how hard you are trying to provide a pleasant trip for all of us. This trip also strengthened my faith in Jehovah and his wonderful organization. It allowed us to meet wonderful brothers from Bethel and observe firsthand their trust in Jehovah and their dedication to his organization. It was not only what they said but how they said it that showed the influence of Jehovah’s spirit in their life. They are “gifts in men” from Jehovah. It may not always be easy to express how we feel but please know that I have appreciated every moment and every thought that was behind it. When we were relaxing, you were hard at work thinking of our next step to keep the trip moving forward smoothly. Keep progressing in your singing as it added a touch of fantasy and originality to a strictly planned event. It was a delight. You are a gift and a blessing from Jehovah for all of us who enjoyed your hard work. Thanks a million. I look forward to my next trip, if Jehovah is willing, maybe next august 2013, for the second part of the guided tours.”

Your BethelToursPLUS Package Includes

  • Wallkill Printery / Residence tour – 2 ½ hours
  • Watchtower Educational Center at Patterson tour – 1 ½ hours
  • Brooklyn Office Complex 2 hours [included in some selected tours]
  • Meeting the hard working and happy volunteers of the Bethel families
  • Entrance fee to the Metropolitan museum
  • 4 hour guided Biblical theme tour of the Metropolitan Museum** (by Oasis Group Tours)
  • 8 hour “Providence in Prophecy” bus and walking tour in Brooklyn and Manhattan (by Oasis Group Tours)
  • Lots of time for shopping
  • 3 nights lodging at a Marriott hotel
  • Full breakfast every morning
  • Medical travel insurance (some conditions apply)
  • 2012 Deluxe motor coach and driver gratuities
  • And much more!

** This is the same tour taken by all new entrants to the Gilead school for missionaries!

As you can imagine, news about these rare tour experiences travel quickly. Spaces fill up quickly! We hope you, your family and friends will join us on our next tour.

Three easy ways to get started on the trip of your life:

  1. View our next tour: [NEXT TOUR] or we can customize your own group [CUSTOMIZED TOURS]
  2. Call us toll free at 1-866-487-0008 or 514-487-0008 and ask for ‘Bob’
  3. Email us here
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Take the first step to a truly faith-strengthening experience! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Your friends,

Robert & Huguette Desmarais
Operators, – A company